Services for Children

At Shay’s Heart Foundation, we believe protecting children from harm is crucial for creating a safe and healthy community. We offer child abuse prevention programs to ensure every child is safe and protected from abuse.

Key Features of Protecting Children Service

  1. Education and Awareness: We provide education and awareness programs to help parents, caregivers, and children recognize and prevent child abuse. Our programs also teach parents and caregivers how to respond effectively to suspected child abuse and how to report it.

  2. Counseling Services: We provide counseling services for children who have experienced abuse or neglect. Our trained professionals offer individual and group counseling to help children heal from trauma and build resilience.

  3. Referral Services: We provide referrals to other community organizations and agencies that offer services to children and families in need. We work closely with these organizations to ensure families receive the best care possible.



1. What is the foundation's mission?

Shay's Heart Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for all members of our community by offering services for adults and youth, stopping the cycle of violence, and promoting healthy relationships.

2. How does the foundation protect children?

Protecting children is a top priority for Shay's Heart Foundation. We offer child abuse prevention programs designed to ensure every child is safe from harm. These programs include education, counseling, and support for families.

3. How can I support Shay's Heart Foundation?

There are several ways you can support our foundation. You can make a donation, volunteer your time, spread the word about our mission and programs, or seek help if you or someone you know is experiencing abuse or neglect.