Parenting Services and Resources

At Shay’s Heart Foundation, we understand that navigating family court can be a challenging and stressful experience for families. That’s why we offer parenting and co-parenting support to help families through this process. Our experienced staff is here to provide you with the essential tools and resources to help build healthy relationships with your family.

Key Feature of Parenting Services and Resources

Our parenting and co-parenting support services include:

  1. Education on effective communication strategies

Our staff can provide you with education on how to communicate effectively with your co-parent and children during family court proceedings.

  1. Parenting and co-parenting workshops

We offer workshops to help you develop parenting and co-parenting skills that will benefit your family.

  1. Conflict resolution strategies

We can provide you with strategies for resolving conflicts with your co-parent and help you learn how to navigate conflicts that may arise during family court proceedings.

  1. Emotional support

We understand that the family court process can be emotionally taxing. Our staff is here to provide you with emotional support and guidance throughout the process.



1. Is Shay's Heart Foundation only for victims of domestic violence?

No, Shay's Heart Foundation offers services for individuals and families dealing with a range of issues, including domestic violence, gang intervention, family court, substance abuse, and mental health issues.

2. Are Shay's Heart Foundation's services confidential?

Yes, all of our services are confidential. We respect our clients' privacy and maintain strict confidentiality in all our interactions.

3. How can I support Shay's Heart Foundation?

You can support our organization by making a donation through our website, volunteering your time and skills, or spreading the word about our services to others in need.